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Coaching hockey is all about improving and automating individual and tactic skills. This is done by creating a plan, analyse training and matches and adjusting the plan to get the best results.

HockeyTrainerCoach is dedicated to: Get your team to the next level

Prepare the players with animations of excersises, penalty corner scenarios and team tactics to improve their skills.
Make notes during the training and matches, to keep track of how your players progress.
Make the right team line-up to use their individual skills to the best.
Adjust trainings, penalty corners, team tactics and team line-ups to improve the individual and team skills and thus the team performance.

12 reasons to use the HockeyTrainerCoach

Highly effective way to visualize exercises
User friendly interface
Saves time explaining your exercises
You can even show your exercises in motion through simulation 
You can file your exercises for future reference
You can share your exercises by sending them by email
One-on-one communication with your players
It makes other trainers’ exercises available to you
It enables your players to run the exercise on their own iPad or iPhone
You can add notes during training sessions and matches
You can enter multiple teams and team line-ups
It visualizes team tactics in the most effective way

HockeyTrainerCoach in AppStore

Instruction on Youtube: Create a training



For the iPhone a special app is available: The HockeyTrainerCoach Simulator. This is the app to simulate the exercise/penalty corner on the iPhone.

Tap on the xml file in the mail and select the app. The training/corner is now stored in the app and can then be run on the iPhone.

Please contact us when you want to receive an example training (made by a hockey trainer) through email.