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Where are the balls

Do you often wonder how many balls you have left, after playing - for instance - hockey, golf or baseball? A familiar problem, especially to trainers and coaches: the more balls you have, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of them. Counting the balls is tedious, slow and not really feasible when you have a lot of them.

The Ball counter is THE solution to this problem:
You take a picture and let the smart app do the math.
To check the performance of the Ball counter, the counted balls on the picture are marked by red circles (see picture below). If needed, you can manually adjust the count using the handy steppers (+/-).
You can store the counts and pictures to keep track of the amount of balls you have and used to have.
The app is available for iPhone and iPad. 

The BallCounter has two views:
- Ball count list with all stored ball counts
- Count your balls view for creating a new ball count
The first is a list to view or delete (pressing Edit) a previous ball count;
Pressing the selected ball count will open the other view, in which you can view this previous count or create a new ball count.
Press Capture - or the photo - to take a (new) picture. Then press Count.
Do not forget to save the count for future reference.

Have fun with the BallCounter! 

BallCounter in AppStore 
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